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All of us here in the type+writer Creative Solutions team LOVE animals! We do what we can to support some of our local animal assistance organisations and invite you to visit their websites and lend a hand where you can too.

Rescued with Love are a not-for-profit organisation based in Balwyn, Victoria run by volunteers. RWL love and rescue small dogs, have their vet needs attended to, and then find them fantastic homes.

Did you know that every year hundreds of thousands of orphaned pets are killed because they no longer have a home?

You can help Rescued with Love to save as many of these as they can simply telling people about the organisation - when you hear of someone looking for a small dog to join their family please tell them about Rescued with Love. 

(Pictured is Kelvin who without Rescued with Love would not be alive today. Kelvin joined the type+writer Creative Solutions family in October 2016 - today we do the work, he keeps us on our toes.)

The Pet Medical Crisis Fund has been created to help pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners who cannot afford surgery to keep their family pet alive.

The PMCF is 100% volunteer run and no administration costs are taken from public donations. The Fund aims to make all donations 100% effective by getting every cent to go directly to pay 'at-cost' veterinary fees to save a loved pet. 

Donations are made directly into the treating vet's account after treatment has taken place. No funds are ever paid directly to owners.

Mango ... was the real boss at type+writer Creative Solutions until he left for the Rainbow Bridge in July 2016. Our office is not the same without him.